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Your Six Human Potentials

Who Are You?Discover who you are by identifying to your potential. I recall a adult saying to me "if you would just use your potential" when I was in high school. What did that mean, I thought I needed to be smarter, to study more, smarten up, actually I had no idea what that meant. So if I didn't understand I guess I was dumb. I was a failure. I was different. What makes up a whole person? a balanced person? a valuable, needed, purposeful, human person? The Whole Wheel Model can help us to understand who we are as unique individuals. We have strengths and we have weakness. It is likely we would go to the safe place and rely on our strengths, staying away from our weakness. This way we become unbalanced, insecure in some potential areas. We have 6 human potentials: the physical, the emotional, the social, the mental, the volitional and the Spiritual potential. What are your strongest potentials and what are your weaker potentials? What is needed is balance in all of our potentials as they are all connected and work together. Lets work on identifying to our weaker potentials so we can strengthen them to become balanced with our stronger potentials. Can you answer this question, who are you? Not what education you have, not what you own, not your occupation, not how much money you make, not who you live with, not where you live or were you come from, etc. Who are You? Describe who you are. Lets discover your Human Potentials specifically and strengthen your weaker potentials and identify to your stronger potentials. Clark Counselling Services can assist you to discover the authentic you.


Relax! learn to mellow out with out drugs or alcohol or shopping or gambling or gaming. Relaxation techniques are learned behavours and changed thought patterns with changed reations to emotions (feelings)

'Stressed Out Techniques" you have practiced over and over with the thoughts you repeat and reacting to the feelings you produce from your thoughts. Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result doesn't work. Do something different,give

Clark Counselling Services a call, make an appointment lets work together to find what you can do different.

Phone 403-896-3939. RELAX!

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